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Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport

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Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport
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Compare Apple Airpods vs Jabra Elite Sport

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The Apple Airpods and the Jabra Elite Sport are wireless earphones meant for casual and fitness use. They retail at $160 and $200 respectively.

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In terms of design, the Apple Airpods aren’t all that different from the standard EarPods minus the wires. The Airpods are available in a choice of two classic colors, regular white or smoke black. Apple’s simple design philosophy becomes apparent when you first look at the earbuds. They’re sleek and compact with glossy finish and almost no logos or detailing on them.

The ear pods are housed in small case that resembles a Zippo lighter. The case has a magnetic latch that prevents it from opening up accidently. The case also acts as the Airpods’ charger; there are two contacts on the bottom of the case that attach magnetically to the ear buds charging them. The case itself can be charged via the lighting cable provided with the ear buds. Concerning the size of the case, it’s actually very portable. You can easily fit the case inside of the small pocket on your jeans.

The Jabra Elite earphones come mostly in black with colored ear hooks that accent the ear bud’s neutral colors. When it comes to size, these earphones are much more compact than the Airpods. Unlike the awkwardly long stems on the Airpods, the Jabra Elite Sports only consist of the ear bud portion of the headphone. This not only makes the earphones more manageable but makes them a little less conspicuous on the ear.

Just like the Airpods, you get a case that doubles as a charger. However, the Jabra Elite’s case is a bit larger than Apple’s, which might be something to consider if you have unusually small pockets.

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Build Quality

The Airpods offer an average level of comfort. Featuring the classic Apple earbud design, the earphones fit snugly into the ear without moving around too much. The extended stems on the bottom do add some weight, resulting in a minor downward pulling sensation. The earphones are made mostly from hard plastic meaning they might leave the inside of your ears a little sore if you keep them in for extended periods of time.

The Jabra Elites come with soft ear tips designed for long hours of comfort. You get a set of ear tips in silicone and expanding foam for different applications. Both of these ear tips come in small, medium, and large sizes suitable for any shape of ears. The ear hooks manage to keep the earphones attached to your ears no matter how much you move.

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The Apple Airpods feature the latest W1 chip designed to increased battery life and improve wireless range. Pairing up with iOS devices is as easy as tapping the case against the phone. Older iOS devices that don’t support the W1 chip can be paired up by pressing the pair button on the case. Even Android devices are supported by the Airpods via their standard Bluetooth connection.

The battery life on the Airpods averages about 5 hours. Once the battery is depleted, you simply pop it into the case to charge them up again giving you a maximum battery life of about 24 hours. You can use the Airpods wirelessly up to a range of about 45-50ft in an open field and about 35ft in obstructed environments.

You can control the functions on the Airpods works via touch sensitive gestures. Tapping on the earphones enables Siri to carry out voice commands or take calls. Aside from that, you don’t really have any gesture or buttons to control volume levels or skip songs. In that regard, the Airpods are very iPhone dependant for their controls. The earphones get regular firmware updates adding the ability to add new functionality in the future.

The Jabra Elite Sport is much more damage resistant than the Apple Airpod. Not only are they dust repelling and splash proof but they can also be completely submerged in water at a depth of one meter without having any problems.

You get all your controls as physical buttons on the earphones themselves. Everything from your usual volume controls to multi-functional button and even a charging indicator LED are included on the ear buds. There is some minor discomfort caused by pushing the buttons while they are inside your ears, but nothing quite major.

The Jabra has a battery life of 3 hours. Just like the Airpods you can use the case to charge the Jabra Elite bringing the total battery life to about 9 hours. This is fractionally lower than what the Airpods can offer. It is a bit disappointing considering the Jabra is mainly designed for sports application with long term usage in mind. What’s more, the Jabra Elite act as a pair and cannot be used individually as is the case with the Airpods. Certain functionality such as auto pause is also missing from the earphones.

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Surprsingly, the Airpods have a more enhanced sound than their wired variants, the Earpods. There is a moderate amount of soundstage included with neutral sound that is neither bright nor boxy. To facilitate with the noise cancellation, there are tiny microphones on the back of the earbuds to filter background noise. One small caveat is that the bass feels a bit synthetic with not a lot depth to it. This is further aggravated by the fact the earphones don’t provide as secure of a fit as the Jabra Elite.

The Jabra Elites feature a more balanced sound with crunched mids and deeper lows. The ear tips isolate the ear to a greater degree resulting in a much more true sound. There is a nice dynamic contrast between all the different frequency ranges. This results in some good separation between the lows, the mids, and the highs giving you a tonally rich sound.

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The Airpods and the Jabra Elites are all round solid performers, both of these ear buds offer great wireless performance with no issues in reliability or durability. If you’re a more casual listener that likes a long battery life and simplistic design, the Airpods should fare well for you. Likewise, if you’re in the market for a durable pair of sports earphones that come packed with features, the Jabra Elites should fit the bill nicely.

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