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Jabra Elite Sport vs Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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Jabra Elite Sport vs Plantronics BackBeat Fit
Battery Life
8 Hours ( Playback )
3 Hours ( Playback )
Bluetooth 3.0
Bluetooth 4.1
Inline Controls
18Hz - 21000Hz
50Hz - 20000Hz
Weight2g lighter.
Has An In-line Control PanelThere is a control panel on the cable, so you can easily operate the device without having to interact with it.
Splash Resistant

Price from  $59.99

Compare Jabra Elite Sport with Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Specification Comparison and Reviews


The Jabra Elite and The Platronic Backbeat Fit are wireless earphones designed for fitness purposes in mind. The Jabra Elites are priced at $200 while the Platronic Backbeat Fit costs around $80.

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The Jabra Elite Sport has a fairly simplified appearance, the only features on the earphones are the Jabra logo, the volume buttons, and the ear hooks. You get a two tone black and light green color scheme that doesn’t look too flamboyant. Every other aspect of the earphones is toned down and apart from the LED battery indicator the overall design is fairly discreet.

The Platronics Backbeat Fit has a sportier look than the Jabra Elite with its swift curves and color accents. There are only two large buttons on either side of the ear buds. There’s a colored headband that circles the back of your head connecting the two ear buds. A white stripe design is featured on top of the headband with the Platronics logo off to the side.

The color scheme features a dichromatic blend around the earphones and the two sides of the headband. Unlike the Jabra Elite, you get a wide variety of colors options such as Stealth Green, Fit Fuchsia, Power Blue, Black Core, and Sports Grey.

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Build Quality

Comfort isn’t overlooked on the Jabra Elites, there are a variety of options to get the perfect fit on your ears. There are three different sizes of silicone or expanding foam tips included to get a proper seal on your ears. You even get an additional pair of ear hooks to keep the ear buds latched on while you move around.

The Platronic Backbeat Fit doesn’t have any extra tips or ear hooks included with it. The only tip options you get on the earphones are the included rubber cone shaped ear tip. This means that depending on the size of your ears, you may not have the Platronic Backbeats fit securely. The ear tips also have an open ended design meant to be slightly loose inside the ear which may be the cause of some discomfort.

To tie the two ear buds together there is a soft touch plastic band in place. The band itself is very resilient with a fair amount of stretchiness and is completely sweat free. Although the headband design would suggest that it rests in place with the back of your head, this isn’t the case here. The headband

just seemingly floats around the back; this makes it very cumbersome when you’re running. Moving around makes the headband bounce throughout, hitting the back of your head every so often.

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The sound quality of the Jabra Elite is deep and rich thanks to its sealing ear buds that provide good sound isolation. There’s plenty of low end to go around with the tightly controlled bass. Highs stay fairly light without distorting the sound and mids are relatively balanced throughout. You can listen to everything from upbeat EDM to slow and calming Lo-FI tracks with little bias towards on specific genre.

Due to the open design of the Platronics, there isn’t much noise isolation. Sounds leak in and out of the earphones leaving you with a somewhat weak and muddled sound quality. It isn’t recommended to get the Platronics over the Jabras if sound is your major selling point.

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The Jabra Elite has a battery life of about 3 hours with an additional 9 hours if you count all the charging you can get from the case. You can get a good distance on the wireless connection without facing any dropouts in quality or signal strength. Pairing up is pretty easy with the Bluetooth connection for both android and iOS devices.

The Jabra Elite has a companion sport app called the Jabra Sport Life. You can track all sorts of statistics with the app and keep up with your workout routines. The app tracks everything from distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and level of ease. There are a handful of different workout options built in the app with the ability to make your own. The headset can monitor your workouts and accurately track the amount of sets or reps you perform.

The Jabra Sports Life app keeps check of all your stats and the data is relayed through the earphones via a voice notification, saving you from the trouble of having to pull your phone out. You can customize these notifications to happen at regular time intervals, after certain milestones, or at the end of your workout routine.

Features aren’t a big draw on the Platronic Backbeat Fit, there is no dedicated sports app meaning you’ll have to turn to third party options. Even then, the Backbeat doesn’t have the functionality to actually track your fitness stats. A bit of a disadvantage considering these are marketed as sports earphone.

There are other issues in the functionality as well. The headset only comes with two buttons on both of the ear buds. A play/pause button that turns the volume up you press it once and lowers it if you press and hold. The power/pair/voice command button works in much the same way having to be held or pressed to perform different functions. These controls aren’t as intuitive and my take a bit getting to get used to before you start using them.

You get a reversible armband with the Platronics that acts as a carrying case. The pouch is big enough to house two phones, the earphones, keys, and the cables. The armband stays attached to your arm even during vigorous workouts making it a great carry option.

The wireless range isn’t as impressive as the Jabra Elites; you can barely go a distance of 20ft before the audio cuts out. Even when you’re in range, some dense environments cause the earphones to start experiencing audio artifacts. You get a decent battery time of about 6-8 hours of normal use but without an additional charging case. You can only charge the earphones with the standard micro USB cable provided. This makes it hard to carry around outside without having a power bank on hand.

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All in all, the Jabra Elite and Platronic are two different beasts. If you’re looking for a simple durable pair of sports earphones that don’t empty your wallet, the Platronics will serve nicely. In comparison, the Jabras offer a more premium experience at a higher price.

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