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Jaybird X3 vs Bose Soundsport

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Jaybird X3 vs Bose Soundsport
Noise Cancelling
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6 hours
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Has An In-line Control PanelThere is a control panel on the cable, so you can easily operate the device without having to interact with it.
Has Sound Isolation/Passive Noise ReductionThe device sits tightly in place, creating an acoustic seal which reduces background noise and prevents your music from leaking out.

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Compare Jaybird X3 vs Bose Soundsport

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The Jaybird X3 and the Bose Soundsport are mid range sports earphones that cost $120 and $200 respectively.

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The Jaybird X3 looks very striking visually. The bulk of the earphone is made from soft touch plastic that has a slightly glossy texture to it. The dual inverted J logo for the Jaybird can be seen engraved on small metal emblem on the back of the earphones. Everything looks very clean and unobtrusive. There are no specifically distinct features that draw attention away from the overall design and the perceptible elements blend together well.

The Jaybird X3 comes in a standard color scheme of black and polished silver. If that’s not something you prefer, you can get them any of the four major colors: Crimson, Alpha Green, Blackout, and Sparta White.

On the other hand, there isn’t much to look at in the Bose Soundsport’s design. There’s nothing too revolutionary going on with its appearance. The earphones come in standard matte black with a sporty red finish detailing the inside of the ear bud and the cable. You can also choose from a variety of different colors such as: Energy Green, Neon Blue, Frost, Charcoal, and Power Red.

The Soundsport does look a bit bulgy compared to the Jaybird X3. Placing them on your ears makes them look like they’re fighting to dangle out of your ears. The Soundsport’s slightly deformed shaped of the ear buds make it seem a little out of place in terms of its aesthetics.

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Build Quality

The Jaybird X3 keeps a very low size footprint. The ear buds are the smallest out of just about every wireless headphone available currently. In addition to being small, they’re also incredibly short and don’t bulge out like a lot of similar earphones. The Jaybirds seem to stay on the ears without falling out at all. You also get multiple sets of ear tips to provide different varieties of comfort. The ear tips are provided in silicone and foam in three different sizes.

The cable management clips on the earphones are designed to keep the cable wrapped around your neck, keeping it out of the way. There is absolutely no feeling of weight even including the cables, the inline controls, and the earphones themselves. The earphones can stay on your ears for hours and feel as light as a feather. Adding to that, both of the ear buds are angled that propagates the sound a little better.

As a stark contrast, the Bose Soundsport is much bulkier than the Jaybird X3. The Soundsport bulges out a lot more and can feel a little more uncomfortable having on your ears. Most of its weight centered on the drivers, which can induce a tugging feeling if you tend to move around a lot while using them.

Just like the Jaybirds, the Soundsport comes in a variety of ear tips in different sizes. Where the Soundsport differs is that the Soundsport doesn’t provide as tight of a fit. The lack of sealing around the ear results in the earphones moving inside in your ear more. You also get a cable management wire clip but it isn’t as manageable as the one on the Jaybird X3. Thankfully the cable here is tangle free so there isn’t much of a hassle handling it.

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The Jaybird comes with its own companion app that controls the sound signature of the headphones. EQ can be controlled directly via the graph curve or by selecting pre made presets. You can save your personal profiles and share them with others or use someone else’s profile. There are a number of genre specific presets already present in the app by default as well as several shared presets from professional athletes.

The battery life lasts a good 8-10 hours on a single charge. Unfortunately you have to use a propriety cable to charge the earphones making it hard to travel with the earphones should your cable get lost or broken.

Despite the lack of a dedicated app, the Bose Soundsport comes with in line controls that let you control your volume levels or mute them entirely. The earphones feature the newest iteration of the Bluetooth 4.2 that allows a stable long distance connection with hardly any interference or audio dropping. The Soundsport also supports NFC for convenient pairing options on the fly.

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The Jaybird X3 carries a very powerful sound despite its small scale design. There is a big boost of the lower side of the spectrum adding heavy bass into the mix. The mids remain stable and flat for the majority of the time. The only adverse effect caused by the bass is a general muddiness in the sound that soils the treble range quite a bit.

Another major disappointment in the sound is the below average soundstage. Because of the smaller size of the buds, there isn’t much roominess in the sound and everything feels a bit boxed in. Where the Jaybird X3 redeems itself is with its isolation of sound. Owing to the tight seal its provides to the ear, you get very little sound leakage overall.

The Bose Soundsport has a weaker low end than the Jaybird. There isn’t as much punch in the bass leaving it feeling hazy and feeble. The mids are serviceable for the most part. Certain generes such as rock music make the Soundsport’s mids feel a little overpowered. The highs aren’t necessarily any better and for the most part they feel somewhat hissy.

On the bright side, the open design of the Bose Soundsport’s fit allows a more spacious sound. The widened sound adds to soundstage of the earphones and makes them sound very lively. The looser fit acts as a safety feature allowing outside sounds to enter the headset, making the wearer aware of their surroundings such as a passing car. There’s also more leakage making it incredibly muddled with noise in outdoor environments.

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All in all you get two decently priced earphones with a ton of functionality. The Jaybirds are a solid choice for a good sounding highly versatile pair of ear buds while the Soundsports are built for durability and ease of use.

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