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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless vs Sennheiser PXC 550

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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless vs Sennheiser PXC 550
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Compare Sennheiser Momentum Wireless vs Sennheiser PXC 550

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The Momentum Wireless and PX550 are closed-back over-ear headsets made by Sennheiser. Both of them are premium range headsets priced at $500 and $400 respectively.

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The Momentum Wireless boasts a very vintage aesthetic. Real brown leather is found on most of the headset’s outer visual elements such as the headband and the padding covers on the ear cups. The ear cups are painted ghost white with an ivory finish. A stainless steel frame joins the ear cups to the headband. Around the lower headband there are sturdy metal hinges that allow the ear cups to pivot at a wide range of angles. The hinges have numerous points of contact and are sturdy enough to not allow any creaking, squeaking, or cracking.

Unlike the Momentum Wireless, the PXC 550 doesn’t care much for its looks. The headset comes in simple black-on-black color scheme with very little detail or accents. The only discernible feature on the PXC 550s is the brushed aluminum rings fitted on the ear cups. In terms of its size, the PXC 550 isn’t a whole lot compact. Despite weighing 38g less than the Momentum, the headset looks and feels bulky. There’s also the odd ovoid shaped design of the ear cups which makes the headset somewhat of a letdown visually.

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Build Quality

There are no qualms about the build quality of the Momentum Wireless. The foam padding on the ear cups is made out of a material that is somewhere between traditional foam and memory foam. This allows for a soft comfortable padding that is also slightly stiff to uphold its form especially after being pressed against for hours. The headset can be completely folded to increase its portability. And at Just under 265g, it’s fairly light too.

The build quality isn’t the greatest on the PX550s. While the headset won’t necessarily fall apart, it doesn’t have the premium feel of a high end headset. Most of the construction on the PX550 is done with plastic to keep it lightweight. This has the adverse effect of the headset feeling like an all plastic budget headset. However, any chances of faults or breakage occurring are very little. Sennheiser even offers a full two year warranty to cover any damages.

On the plus side, you do get plenty of padding on the PX550 to make it feel a little more comfortable. The headband and ear cups are layered in ample padding with soft touch leather coverings on the

outside. Despite being a bit on the bulky side, the headset feels comfy enough to last lengthy sessions of use.

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The Momentum Wireless has a very rich present sound without causing any form of listener’s fatigue. There’s just enough bass to power the sounds and keep them afloat. The low end carries a ton of clarity without overdoing anything. And the mids and highs sound very lively.

It is important to note that the Momentum Wireless’ sound is geared more toward contemporary music. Certain older music genres such as classical music don’t translate all that well with the mix. The bass muddies up the rest of sound and the highs sound a little fuzzy.

In contrast, the PX550s have a very powerful sound that works for a variety of diverse genres. Bass is full and present throughout the mix n moderate amounts. The highs are found to be crystal clear with a good degree of separation. The design of the headset facilitates this to a high extent. There is a fair amount of distance between the drivers and the ear cups. This creates a distance between the audio drivers and the ear itself resulting in a bigger acoustic environment. The Px550’s soundstage is very open vivid and translates into a more spacious three dimensional sound.

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As its name implies, the Momentum Wireless Headset can be used wireless up to an impressive distance of about 10 meters. The battery lasts a good 25 hours on a single top-up, circumventing the need for constant charging. Barring that, you can also hook them up with the micro USB cable where the OS will automatically install the necessary drivers. If all else fails, you can plug them in directly via the standard 3.5mm connector. The headset comes with a lightweight 1.4 meter cable that fits snugly on to the connector.

The PX550 lasts a bit longer than the Momentum on its battery time of about 30 hours. Just like the Momentum, the PX550 supports wireless connection via Bluetooth. The headset has NFC capabilities and can be paired with any NFC enabled smartphone. Sennheiser also provides its own companion app known as CapTune. This app can control volume and EQ settings as well as storing user-specified sound profiles. EQ can be controlled manually via a graph curve or by selecting genre based settings.

There are four addition sound settings that can be controlled via the app such as reverb, boost, spatial, and dynamic loudness control. The headset allows you to heavily customize your sound via these settings. You can also choose between active or adaptive types of noise cancellation.

A lot of the settings on the PX550s can be tweaked by gesture and touch controls implemented on the headset itself. You gesture up or down on the cups to lower or raise the volume. To play or pause the track, you simply tap on the cups. Swiping forwards or backwards changes the track. All of these controls make it convenient to adjust your sound effortlessly without having to dig out your phone.

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The Momentum Wireless and PX550s are two very different headsets for two very different kinds of people. Aesthetically, it’s a contrast between the vintage and the futuristic.

The Momentum Wireless is a timeless classic that combines good looks and sound elegantly albeit in a hefty price tag. The PX550s on the other hand, are a more functional pair of headphones that bring versatility, productivity, and cutting edge features to provide a unique user oriented experience.

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